It is very important that you provide a monitor desk and a hall device for the monitors. (Lexicon or Yamaha).
For the Front Of House we need compressors in the insert for bass, keyboards, wind instruments, all vocalists, 2 hall devices & 1 echo device.

6 musicians + 4 singers

5 musicians + 3 singers

2 musicians + 2 singers


Drums : 22 Bassdrum
Tama Starclassic or Yamaha Recording 9000 or Sonor Force 3000 or DW 14″ x 5,5″ Snare
10″ Tom Tom
12″ Tom Tom
14″ Floor Tom
HiHat 14″ (Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian or Istanbul)
Ride Cymbal 20″ (Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian or Istanbul)
Crash Cymbal 12″ (Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian or Istanbul)
Crash Cymbal 14″ (Zildjan, Paiste, Sabian or Istanbul)
Crash Cymbal 16″ (Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian or Istanbul)
Hardware (Cymbal -Stands, HiHat-Stands, Seat, Drumpedal, 1 Music-Stand+Lights)
Guitar: Amp: ENGL Sovereign 100 Vintage 112 (4 Channel Combo 1×12 Speaker) or similar
Footswitch: ENGL Custom Footswitch Z10 or similar
Guitar-Hardware (2 Guitare-Stands, 1 Music-Stand incl. Lights)
Bass: Eden, Warwick, Trace Elliot or SWR Combo – min. 2 x 10″
Bass-Hardware (1 Bass-Guitar-Stand, 1 Music-Stand incl. Lights)
Keys: Yamaha Motif 8 or S 90 (incl. Damper Pedal) or Roland with Piano sound and Claviatur RD 700 SX   or Kawai MP 5 or MP 8
Keys-Hardware (Key Stand for 2 Keys, Seat, 2 Damper-Pedals, 2 Music-Stand incl.
Lights and cable for 2 Keys)
Sax + Trompet: Wirless Clip  Mikro for Sax and Trompet Shure Beta 1 Music Stand inkl.Lights + Sax Stands Tenor and Alto Sax