Flavius Teodosiu

Band Leader / Saxophone

Hard work, seriousness and discipline. these are the defining characteristics of Flavius Teodosiu, band leader and saxophone player extraordinaire. Considered one of Europe's remarkable sax players, Flavius lives in Germany but returns to Romania, his homeland, whenever his international contracts that define his schedule allow it.
Flavius & his band have a vast experience accumulated during many years of being contracted all around the world, from Argentina to Australia, as Musical Director for stars such as: Jennifer Rush, Gloria Gaynor, Johnny Logan, Chris de Burgh, Michael Bolton, Joe Cocker and many others.
TV Show `` RTL Samstag Nacht``.

Linda Teodosiu


Born in 1991, the daughter of Flavius Teodosiu, the incredibly talented Linda Teodosiu started performing as early as age 5. However fame started to come after she reached the semifinal of the 5th season of the casting show 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' in 2008. Shortly after she signed a record deal with Sony Music and went on to release multiple singles that have gained tons of positive reviews from critics.

She has also been a supporting act for Beyonce's 2009 European Tour. Since 2013 she has been a background vocalist for the Peter Maffay band. In 2016
she took over the lead part as Lilli in the musical “Tabaluga”; which was created by
Peter Maffay (one of the most successful and accomplished singers/songwriters in Germany).

Irvin Doomes


IRVIN „Dynamite“ DOOMES - one of Europe’s most polarizing entertainers. Being born in a family of singers and musicians in Alabama (USA) gave him a natural advantage to become the mesmerizing singer and dancer that he is today.

Nikki McCoy


Coming from Virginia she soon went to New York, toured with the Black Gospel Pearls and then with Gloria Gaynor and currently has a studio session in the US with Jennifer Rush. A graduate of Virginia State University, she is one of the most musically profound artists in Germany - she was on a festival tour in North Rhine-Westphalia, she was in Cologne on 6.11.2005, Remscheid on 22.10.2005 and Koblenz, as well as Siegen on 5.11.2005, and on 5.07.2005 at the 21st Gladbeck Jazzival in Wasserschloss Wittringen. Nikki has settled in Dusseldorf with her family and we have the pleasure to have a very big voice with us. As a committed, soulful, bluesy voice with a lot of wit and vocal expressiveness, she is far from your average weekend-bard, interpreting well-known Top 40s songs in a very excitingly individual and vocally phenomenal manner and will be remembered by her audience for her wit and charm.

Robert Vuchinger-Lopez

Piano / Voice

Robert is a fantastic piano player, as well as a mesmerizing vocalist. The unbelievable South-American Energy that he brings in to every performance is, in part, due to his unique fiery artistic blood, that is a combination of some of the most sensational ethnicities. He is, indeed, a one man show orchestra who, together with Flavius Teodosiu, make up the band's backbone.

Ron White


Ron White: the singer, dancer and entertainer from Washington DC has many talents. Energetic is how you would have to describe his show and, more than anything, he manages to convey this energy to the audience. With a velvet voice, the star brings his audience to realm of dreams. With an irresistible mix of humor, sex appeal and acting talent, he captivates his listeners and interprets songs that have written the history of music, often even better than the original. He showcases his love for good music with a wide repertoire of jazz, soul and pop classics with hits from Fred Astaire, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Earth, Wind and Fire or James Brown. Throughout his career, Ron White has made many headlines. He sang and starred in Broadway shows such as ``Ain’t misbehaving``, ``Kiss me Kate`` and ``Dancing in the Street``. He toured Europe 3 times with the musical ``Hair``, he starred in the musical ``Gaudi``, sang for Dusty Springfield, Heather Small, Puff Daddy, R. Kelly, The Lighthouse Family and Enrique Iglesias. He has transformed the band ``4 the cause`` in a world-wide success and, last but not least, under the name ``WHITE only``, Ron and his band have had an infinite number of concerts and corporate events throughout Germany, where he did not rest until all guests, despite aching feet and hands, joined in the evening’s motto and wholeheartedly sang along and danced to ``I feel good``!

Ova Steel


The singer and songwriter OVA STEEL, born in Congo, grew up in a musical environment along school: His father, a pharmacist, played organ in church and Mom sang in the choir. Music would later become his great love. Ova at the age of 16 formed his first schoolband. He studied economics in France, speaks at least five languages ...

Europe attracted with its cities of Berlin, London, Paris and Cologne. OVA quickly established himself as a live act to gala receptions and has advanced into a dramatic performer in nightclubs and television shows.

In 1993 he joined the band 'Bad Boys Blue' who succeeded in entering the U.S Billboardcharts and toured the U.S., Jamaica, South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Russia,Ukraine, France, England,Spain... As a solo artist Ova Steel, so called the 'Icebreaker' offers a wide range of programs and a high level in singing and performance. He pulls every audience in his spell. With its velvety, wonderful voice and a fantastic children's choir, he released a UNICEF's Song 2010 (Come make a litte step of peace), full of vitality and happiness.

Worthy Davis


“I think I never actually woke up one morning and decided to write songs about the madness I go through, then bare it all in front of a crowd of people by singing about it on stage. I kind of.. never not did it, actually.” Unsure about his future after high school and the reality that his calculus tutor had pretty much given up on his inability for manipulating word problems, Worthy set off to see the world and feed his musical hunger.